Psychiatry Office

The psychiatric consultation is a global evaluation that can last between 45-60 minutes, during which the patient talks about his suffering, about the symptoms that determined him to come to the psychiatrist and about their evolution over time. During this time, I listen and try to understand the reasons for which the consultation was requested, exploring current symptoms, past and present stressors, living and working conditions, personal history, but also existing coping mechanisms. Sometimes, with the patient's consent, other family members or entourage may participate in the consultation. Sometimes, it is necessary to evaluate other specialists: psychologists, neurologists, endocrinologists, to detect the existence of somatic disorders with resonance and mental.

Together we will agree on a therapeutic plan, which we will follow at the control consultations. We set the duration of the medication together, but follow the treatment guidelines and we will slowly decrease it, after the patient will have reached a certain level of emotional stability.

Contrary to popular belief, medication does not "make you a vegetable", it does not erase the awareness of problems but improves cognitive functions, lowers anxiety, thus allowing patients to better understand and express their emotions, feelings, thus facilitating a process. introspection into psychotherapy. Medications can be adjuvants of psychotherapy, they alleviate most symptoms, but without being able to correct the functioning deficits in the patient's life; in turn, psychotherapy can have a favorable effect on patient compliance, so the integrative approach is the option of choice.


• specialized consultation

• establishing the diagnosis

• initiation and monitoring of treatment

• dispensary of chronic patients