About the panic attack

"I was walking with two friends at sunset. The sky turned red as blood. I stopped and leaned against a fence, feeling, inexplicably, extremely tired. Tongues of fire and blood stretched. on the blue fjord My friends continued to

Exhausted mother

"Slowly, slowly, I lose all desire: to talk, to move, to take care of my husband, my children, my house…. The hardest thing for me is to start the day. I already wake up swallowed by anxiety. I still have the strength to move on.

Bigorexia or when sports become addictive

Also called the "Adonis complex" or "muscle dysmorphia" or "inverted anorexia", BIGOREXIA is an increasingly common condition in contemporary society, suffering that mainly affects the male sex. The pressure of modern society, which values ​​the "ideal" body weak female (read anorexic) and male muscular, worked, weak in tissue

How effective is psychotherapy?

"The brain is wider than the sky," said Emily Dickinson, long before neuroscience discovered that our nervous system has the ability to form trillions of synaptic connections. Emily spoke two centuries ago about the power of human imagination and ability

Everything you need to know about baby blues!

Postpartum Blues or Baby Blues - is a special emotional state, composed of a constellation of symptoms, which appears in the first 3-5 days immediately after the birth of the baby, in 50-80% of cases and which disappears physiologically in 10-12 days. New mom can feel mood swings, mood swings